We are closed Thanksgiving Day, Mardi Gras Day (Fat Tuesday), and Christmas Day.

Must be 21 or older to receive alcoholic beverages. Alcohol purchases without valid identification will not be refunded.

Q: What qualifies as a Same Day Delivery?

A: Same Day Deliveries are orders placed the same day as delivery.
Residential orders placed after 8:00pm for the following day will also be charged a Same Day Delivery fee. Business orders placed after 9:30pm for the following will be charged a Same Day Delivery Fee.
Same Day Delivery Services require a 175.00 deposit.

Q: Do you mark up the grocery prices?

A: No.  Dat Grocery Delivers does not mark up grocery store prices.

Q: How do I redeem a Shop Dat Gift Certificate?

A: Click the following link Redeem Dat Gift Certificate; This link will allow you to redeem your Shop Dat Gift Certificate. Please keep in mind Shopping, Delivery and Handling Fees will be assessed to your total order.

Q: How will I identify Dat Grocery Delivers?

A: When you place your order, a Dat Grocery Delivers agent will provide you with a physical description of your driver and the vehicle delivering your grocery items.

Q: Do you have military discounts?

A: We support our Active, Reserve, National Guard and Veterans.

Q: Does DGD service Independent Living Facilities?

A: Yes, we service all Independent Living Facilities and all Senior Service Support companies i.e. "A Place For Mom"

Q: How does the delivery process work and what is the latest time I can request to receive a delivery?

A: Orders can be placed online 24 hours a day. Deliveries are sent out Monday through Sunday depending on what you and your personal shopper negotiate. When you place your order, you can specify the date and time you will be available for delivery. We will accommodate you as best as possible. For safety concerns our employees cannot enter your home. Residential deliveries end at 8pm. Deliveries to businesses end at 9:30pm.

Q: What stores do you patronize?

A: You decide what store(s) Dat Grocery Delivers will “Shop Dat.”

Q: Will you go to multiple stores?

A: Yes, DGD is fully committed to meeting your shopping needs, including multiple location shopping.

Q: Can I order groceries for someone else?

A: Yes, sure you can. That’s how DGD got started. Just provide payment and the address.

Q: Will you sell or trade my personal information?

A: No!!!! We honor your privacy and will protect it.

Q: What if I missed my delivery window?

A: Since we pride ourselves on promptness and freshness of products purchased, we work hard to coordinate deliveries with times that are most suitable for our customers. If a delivery time is missed a re-delivery fee will be assessed. (EMERGENCY SERVICE DEPARTMENTS ARE EXEMPT)

Q: Does Dat Grocery Delivers accept the Louisiana Purchase Card?

A: Yes. Dat Grocery Delivers accepts the Louisiana Purchase Card. However the cardholder must sign a contract appointing Dat Grocery Delivers as an authorized user.Cardholders will be assessed a 7.00 card retrieval fee. Louisiana Purchase cardholder shopping, delivery and card retrieval fees are due prior to each shopping trip. Dat Grocery Delivers will not shop any items without prior payment.  The credit/debit card must be in the name of the Louisiana Purchase cardholder’s name. Dat Grocery Delivers will return the Louisiana Purchase card upon completion of the shopping trip.

Q: Does DGD accept split or group payments?

A:No. DGD does not accept split or group payments.

Q: Does Dat Grocery Delivers shop for companies?

A:Yes, Dat Grocery Delivers provides shopping and delivery services.

Q: Does Dat Grocery Delivers provide vending services?

A:Yes, Dat Grocery Delivers also provides corporate vending services.

Q: Does DGD accept text messaged or emailed shopping orders?

A:No, all orders must be placed through our Company website.

A 10% gratuity fee will be charged to grocery bills over 299.00.